How To Be an Effective Blogger in 6 Easy Steps

typewriter and camera ready for a blogging day

Sharing your thoughts with the world can be very intimidating but not sharing your uniqueness is worse.  We all have something to say and there are people out there who want to know stuff.  If you enjoy sharing your latest cleaning hack or slow cooker recipe on social media, why not write a blog about it instead? If you have a flair for expressing yo'self, then blogging is for you!  Blogging or article writing can be extremely effective when you are passionate about spreading knowledge, step-by-step guides or lyrical musings. 

The creation of the internet has made spreading information and prose easy until you realize no one is reading your work. Writers are born every minute because the platform is available, free and the potential of it reaching hundreds or maybe thousands of readers is very high: but only if you follow a few important techniques.

In the past couple of years, I have written content for others ranging in the high hundreds and in my spare time, some of my own as well.  I lay out here some of the techniques I learned along the way that kept me from falling into writing traps that discouraged readers from reading to the end.

Write a title that pulls at a reader's curiosity

book titles that inspire you to read
Readers love those titles that offer a benefit or reward.  What's in it for me if I read this?  Oh, a flat stomach, a better sleeping experience, or a  more balanced life!  People everywhere are always looking to improve their lives, feel more inspired, and reduce stress...and much more! The title should tell readers, for example, that if they followed your 5 easy tried-and-true steps to a better sleeping experience, they may indeed sleep better too!  You don't have to be an expert but by sharing what you've done to improve your life, someone out there might benefit from it too! In this case, it's not "judge a book by its cover," but by its title!!

Watch your tone 

happy cookie face to remind us to keep our writing light and humurous
Ninety-percent of my content has some amount of humour: sometimes subtle and other times in your face forcing a belly laugh.  That's just my style!  There is so much content out there that attracting readers becomes an extreme sport. Adding humour may take your writing to another place you did not intend, but 9 times out of 10, readers will stay with you!  Who doesn't need a daily chuckle?  Regardless of your genre, I think that keeping content light will not only attract more readers but keep them coming back.  I bet you want a cookie now!

Use effective word choices 

choosing the best words to paint your storyEvery writer should use a thesaurus or a synonym producer. While keeping your text light and airy, choosing words that paint a picture in your reader's mind helps them connect easily with the thoughts you are trying to convey.  While in a writing for children's course many years ago, if there was one thing I learned, was that you need to tap into your reader's imagination, help them activate all of their senses so they can have the full experience.  Another technique is to bring in a little history way back in time when your "thing" first became a "thing".  People like to learn new stuff to share with friends and show them how smart they are!!   Even if you are writing about technical or scientific stuff, keep your readers on the page!

Use easy to read formats

creating a to do list makes it easier for readers to follow along and retain what they needAs you can see here, I love using headers and lists! Readers and I am one of them, will not read endless lines of texts unless there is something that will break it up.  Paragraph breaks are not enough!  I want to see images and highlighted texts throughout to keep me engaged.  Are you still with me??

Using point-form texts or lists helps the reader scan to headers that catch their interest.  Let's be clear here when you open your email box and find 30 new emails, are you going to read each one thoroughly?  Or do you scan the headers and decide which ones to save for reading later?

Know your SEO tool

 There's this little thing called Search Engine Optimization.  Before you write your blog, check to see what people are asking for when searching for your topic of choice.  The words they use to describe
their query should help you determine how to write your blog. Once you take note of those specific words, make sure you write them throughout your piece.  It's a little more technical than that but a search engine like Google will reward those blogs or ads that include mostly used words in your genre.

Images are a must

Images that describe or highlight your content are important for engagement and visualizationAs I explained above, breaking up your text if it is chock-full of this one, is essential.  Whimsical or creative, nature or fantasy,  dog or cats, fill 'er up!   When you do choose your image, remember to title it with words that will tie into your blog.  Rather than leaving it as "image 5460988978.jpg",  give it a title!  When someone googles something, there is a good chance that your image title will appear leading the seeker to your blog!  Voila!  You're welcome!

If after all of this, you are still scratching your head, know that there are many bloggers, ghostwriters, content writers each with their unique style that are ready to make your writing and publishing dreams come true.  Go out and read what others are writing about and how they are writing it.  Learn from tried-and-true writers but also find your unique style.  You're the only go out there and express yo'self!!

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