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How To Be an Effective Blogger in 6 Easy Steps

Sharing your thoughts with the world can be very intimidating but not sharing your uniqueness is worse.  We all have something to say and there are people out there who want to know stuff.  If you enjoy sharing your latest cleaning hack or slow cooker recipe on social media, why not write a blog about it instead? If you have a flair for expressing yo'self, then blogging is for you!  Blogging or article writing can be extremely effective when you are passionate about spreading knowledge, step-by-step guides or lyrical musings.  The creation of the internet has made spreading information and prose easy until you realize no one is reading your work. Writers are born every minute because the platform is available, free and the potential of it reaching hundreds or maybe thousands of readers is very high: but only if you follow a few important techniques. In the past couple of years, I have written content for others ranging in the high hundreds and in my spare time, som