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Online Study - Is it Legitimate?

Knowledge any way you can get it! Since the beginning of time, we instinctively search for knowledge to improve our lives, learn a new skill, upgrade an old skill, seek professional certification or just for fun because many of us are information junkies.  Whatever draws you toward more learning, it's all good. Traditionally, we sought out books and mentors , teachers and professionals to guide us, and impart their knowledge, some with gentle guidance and others as subtle as a sledgehammer.  And this is still a tried and true method.  Whatever method you were guided to, that was meant for you and, yes it's all good. Modern times, specifically since the early 1990s, technological advances changed the way we shop, share information, love, send greetings and invitations, connect with friends and family miles away, in mere seconds. And yes, it also changed the way we learn, study and gain valid professional certification . Yes, this is still all good.  Connecting, engaging