If the Door Won't Open, It's Not Your Door! Really? Yes, Really!

Who ever coined the phrase, "if the door won't open, it's not your door", was a freaking genius! She probably had a brother who said "when opportunity knocks....open the freaking door"!!

Yes, I'm emotional about how powerful this little nugget of wisdom really is!  It's a game-changer in so many ways but people generally prefer not to see the proverbial silver lining.  Yes, there is always a silver lining but you need to look for it as it won't slap you across the head if you prefer to wallow in the whys and hows something didn't work out for you. Let me give you an example.

Since 2012, I literally fell into, was guided towards, was made sick so I could learn, Reiki healing. Nobody can change my mind about that.  It was so well orchestrated by God, His infinite wisdom and His co-conspirators in our great big Universe. When I gave into this fact, but no sooner than November 2016, I received clarity and the chips that fell began to align into a puzzle that now is my life.

Reiki for healing benefitsSo fast forward to this day, which is coming up to the anniversary of the date I officially retired from my long career, and took a leap of faith where I am sure God did His little happy dance and all of my ancestors who were healers, and all of my Guides and Angels threw a party and laughed to see me squirm and hold that "what the heck did I do" face! Don't get me wrong, my team of helpers are awesome and I love them all but for me that leap of faith was the scariest jump since my days as a professional cheerleader! And that's saying a lot.

Since November 2016, with guidance and support from my earthly friends, I began the Healing Song Guided Meditation™ circle taking my singing voice out of the proverbial trunk to dust it off and set it up! Best thing I did thus far, for certain!

Along the way, fear reared its ugly head, and I felt the need to return to a steady stream of income,
meditation ambiance
so,  I returned to what I thought would be easy and fun. I returned to selling quality candles and accessories, where I once found incredible success 10 years ago.  Short story...I failed...the door smacked me on the butt on the way out.  I don't say this with anger or disappointment towards myself, nor did it affect my bright yellow solar plexus, and my confidence is intact!  I began to ask the whys and hows and where did I go wrong, for a nano second, and then during a meditation, I received absolute clarity.

I needed to spend my time growing my healing business and believe in its success and in my community, in my natural abilities, and skills that I've worked on over the years, and to never ever give up on myself, no matter what! By attempting to create a steadier stream of income, I not only fell short of my goals, but it was having an adverse affect on my La Luz Therapy biz, my personal meditation practice, and my overall well being. What??? Why????

let go and flyIt was as though the Powers that be were scolding me for having lost faith in my healing abilities. So, while in meditation I felt the strong need to let it go and refocus my energies on what I have been put here to do. My candle business is now closed and since then, opportunities, and many aha moments have come through.  Just like that!  I don't say this with conceit but with the greatest of humility because I'm here to tell you that believing in yourself, and those voices in your head, the pulling at your heart and the fluttering of your soul to fly to do its thing, are all  REAL!

This post wrote itself in less than 10 minutes, so I will take it as a sign that I was Divinely inspired to share this recent leg of my journey with you so that you may be inspired to sing your own praises and rejoice in who you really are and what you want...NO,  need to do, on this planet.  You will be supported if you believe!

No matter how pretty that door may be, if it doesn't open, please don't waste your time sulking, but do move along until that little flutter gets stronger, when you know you are getting warmer, and closer to the door meant just for you!  And it will happen because we are all wired to succeed! We just need to get out of our own way!  Sending you many blessings!

If you want to learn more about me, please visit my website at La Luz Therapy.  If you wish to subscribe to my weekly  Healing Song Guided Meditation™ circle invitation, please send an email request to info@laluztherapy.com. They are held in the West Island of Montreal, in the beautiful Sunnybrooke Village.

PS:  My aha moment includes a new venture tied to my healing practice called La Luz Light Institute ™! Please stay tuned for more details.

Photo Credit:  My niece Sandra Toppetta while in Barcelona 2016.