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The current trends for new entrepreneurs, and businesses in general, are all about visibility. Social media including Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and so many more apps, are the way we communicate today. If you don't get on board, even in a very small way, your business will lag so far behind the crowd that is making waves and getting noticed. Gone are the days of pamphlets in your mailbox and under car wipers!

As so many of us are cutting the 9 to 5 life style out of our existence, and taking that proverbial leap of faith to become entrepreneurs, marketing in some way, shape, or form is priority number one.  This post is a prime example!

Let your unique abilities and skills shine high above the crowd with the right marketing tools that fit your business and lifestyle. 

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  1. Do you have great ideas but don't know how to put them into words?
  2. Do you have so much to say but don't know where to begin?
  3. Do you want to attract more business to your social media page, but are all thumbs when it comes to apps?
  4. Do you need a second opinion on an article you wrote and would like to post?
  5. English is not your first language. Do you need some help with proofreading or sentence structure?
  6. Do you have lots of pictures that we can turn into advertisements?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, please let me help you! 

Everything you read on my La Luz Therapy website was all written by me. I enjoy writing and sharing ideas and tips on La Luz Light and now, here at Musings and Other Bitsso let me get creative and decipher your message in a unique expression of YOU and your BIZ.

content writing Lucy Toppetta

I am also a ghostwriter for a large furniture and mattress retailer, as well as for two small, but growing holistic-based entrepreneurs. What their clients are saying is that they just love reading the articles that focus on "how to's" and "did you know?" I regularly refer to myself as  "an information junkie" so spreading news on how to uplift, motivate, inspire, how to boil eggs correctly or the best way to clean your mattress,  are just some of the things I love to write about! 

content writer Lucy ToppettaIf you need a picture ad from a photo you took on a trip to London years ago, let me at it and I will turn it into something spectacular that will attract a lot of buzz for your biz.  Check out some of these right here and on my La Luz Therapy Facebook Photos page!  My fees are very reasonable and can be packaged depending on your needs.  

Let's get creative and develop a brand you are proud of, your clients will run to, and your friends will envy - with much love of course!  Words don't come easily to many so that's where I come in.  Imagine your thoughts and desires coming to life while we work together to make your place on social media come to life!  I look forward to consulting with you.  Technology including Skype, Messenger and Email make our working together very easy!  Let's chat and get on with the business of expressing yourself!  Contact me via email at

reiki and writing Lucy Toppetta* Lucy Toppetta holds a BA from Concordia University with a Major in French Language and Literature, and a Minor in English Literature.  Lucy is TESOL certified and looks forward to sharing her love of the English language with beginner learners. Her love of writing has earned her a certificate in Writing Stories for Children from the Institute of Children's Literature. Lucy is a classically trained vocalist with a background in performance and recording children's songs and stories.  Additionally, Lucy holds regular Healing Song Guided Meditation Circles ™ at her location in Montreal, Canada. She is an accredited Reiki Grandmaster/Practitioner/Master Teacher, and works with Intuitive and Sound Healing techniques. Her business, La Luz Therapy offers reiki sessions, private meditation instruction, and continues to expand in holistic modalities.  

UPDATE:  She launched Illuminate the Page in June of 2019 to assist entrepreneurs with social media needs and more. Albeit a fledgling business, it has already helped launch websites, and social media pages for countless clients!  

She is currently working on some exciting writing projects of her own, and lives in Montreal with her son, and their 16 year-old black and white tabby,  Mozart born on Canada Day, July 1st.  Update:  Mozart crossed over the rainbow bridge on January 13, 2019 and is sorely missed! 

Updated: December 21, 2019