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Want to have an easy $1,378 by December 31st, 2016?

It's that time of year for many of us to review our financial health over the past year.  Some of us can boast a healthy stream of money into our coffers, while others see another lean year trying to make ends meet, and some lie somewhere in the middle.  As a single mom of a university student and one ornery cat, I've always been blessed with a common sense and flair for being creative when it comes to my money. I would not consider myself a spendthrift - but when I do shop, I always shop for deals. I am also as guilty as the next person for once buying things for the simple reason that they were on sale and appeared useful at first - until they sat in a dark corner of my closet collecting dust. I am very sentimental about certain things - maybe too many things. I love to feel nostalgic and I get that from seeing and touching items that trigger a wonderful memory.  I've streamlined much and installed decorative boxes in my closet to store treasures I look at a fe