Writing on Purpose: How do I feel about the writing challenge thus far?

Lucy - 7 : Procrastination to write daily – 0

I procrastinated about starting this challenge until the registration deadline.  As much as I wanted to write more, I had a sinking feeling I would fail two days in.  To my great surprise, in the first 3 days words flowed from a reserve I didn’t know I had.  A random rhythm-less poem shot out of me like arrows from an expert archer never missing his mark. I thought at that point, surely I would have nothing left in me to continue the challenge. The well must be dry. Where will I find 50 new words to string together coherently, let alone 300? I have little imagination to write eloquent dialogue pouring out of interesting or complicated characters but somehow I do still have something to say. 

Photo Credit: Pixabay
I do not know how to categorize my writing if I were to, but it appears to me as a spilling of words onto paper, describing any sentiment, emotion, thought, passion or perhaps, challenge.  Sometimes the words flow like a rushing brook and at times they drip out like a leaky faucet. I write with the intention to help me to see my life more clearly, add humour when there is nothing to laugh about and perhaps inspire others by my own challenges or view on life. Already over 200 words in and I did it again. I managed to answer your prompt Elizabeth, and I thank you for our serendipitous meeting a few months ago. Who knew it would lead me to this!