Writing on Purpose: Imagining a problem that prevents me from writing

Writer's Block Be Crushed

Unless I am driven to write from a strong emotion, homework (when I had some) or a writing challenge, I am not motivated to write. I tried to write in journals and I would stare at the blank page for what seemed like hours before I made a pencil mark. Most often, it ended up being just a doodle!  

Photo Credit:  Pixabay
Last summer I attended an 8-week writing workshop where we always spent a portion of the time writing with our non-dominant hand. It was very odd at first as I couldn’t hold the pencil let alone move it across the page.  It is believed that writing with our non-dominant hand expresses our inner child, or our soul’s voice.  I gave it whirl and after I managed a few chicken scratches (with all due respect to our feathered friends) on the page and learned to decipher them, I discovered that my other hand was rather chatty. Ideas flowed freely, without judgement, without second thought.  Meaningful messages seemed to appear effortlessly on the page. I just let it flow.

Since that time, I have not done much non-dominant hand writing however if I ever have a deep soul question, I will clumsily pick up my pencil and start the chicken scratches. I start by taking a few deep breaths to ground myself and imagine the answer to my query magically coming through my crown chakra, down my left arm through my fingers clenching the pencil and let the scratching begin.

Since the start of this challenge I have diligently kept up with the “homework” and have not missed a deadline yet. I’ve enjoyed every moment and the challenges have not been difficult albeit thought provoking. But what will happen when the challenge ends? Do I need to find a writing juice bar?