Writing on Purpose: What am I working on?

A Work in Progress

I do not have a writing project but I have aspirations to write a string of stories, both inspirational and thought provoking. I know deep inside me live many stories eager to live on a page touched by the ink of my passions. As I sat quietly waiting for the next words to come to my mind to answer the prompt of the day, these words wrote themselves. 

For those that follow numerology, this was posted on 4/14/14 at 8:44pm 

Out of the Muck

In my perfect world
I read, write and sip tea
From a porcelain cup

Served by the man I love
He inspires me to be
More like the me that he knows

Lives deep beneath
The layers thick
With nonsense from my past

He reads what I write
And holds the mirror so I see
That deep below live in me

Talents, life purpose
Gifts for all to see
For me to share, to enrich

Encourage and inspire others
To pull away layers of muck
Dilute with kindness and self-love

So the words can flow
And reach those stuck
With more muck and less hope

Be the light
To shine their way
Be the beacon

To raise their hope
Be pure love
Because only love is real

Write the words
When they come
Lest they escape

Into the muck


Update:  Blogs are being written and life is good. Learn more....