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Loving the Inner Child

She is a little girl with eyes shaped like large almonds and trimmed with dark long lashes, pink lips that framed a timid smile, dressed like a little doll in an emerald green dress, flowered hair band, and Mary Jane shoes whether she liked it all or not. She was a novelty to her mother after having raised 3 boys. She was the girl she hoped would come so she could teach her all the lessons of her own life - the good, the bad, and the ugly.  The little girl however carried more sadness her heart could hold and came through the other side, scathed but not broken. I hold her tightly to my bosom in the hopes that she can feel the warmth of my skin, the smell of my hair, the beat of my heart and that she know how much she is loved and how precious she is; to tell her that nothing is impossible and that she can achieve all she can dream. And so her journey begins to reboot the spirit, to listen, to see, to hear anew all that she missed and celebrate her uniqueness.


Inspired by so many who have taken to social media to share experiences, musings, advice, and more in an effort to find kindred spirits who may need a hand up, I begin my own blog to journal  and share my personal musings, to keep me honest, authentic and on track on my journey to self-discovery. My life's perceptions have changed drastically since early 2012 in ways I sometimes find difficult to explain.  It was during that year that I began to ask hard questions, deal with yearnings from a source I didn't recognize, and health issues that put me on a road to deep self-analysis. Being introduced to Reiki energy in the fall of that year answered some questions, but barely scratched the surface. And so the journey continues, but from a new starting point, with a fresh perspective and a bagful of unanswered questions. I hope that you find something here that resonates with you and that you care to share your thoughts with me.  I promise to keep things as light as I can w