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Inspired by so many who have taken to social media to share experiences, musings, advice, and more in an effort to find kindred spirits who may need a hand up, I begin my own blog to journal  and share my personal musings, to keep me honest, authentic and on track on my journey to self-discovery.

My life's perceptions have changed drastically since early 2012 in ways I sometimes find difficult to explain.  It was during that year that I began to ask hard questions, deal with yearnings from a source I didn't recognize, and health issues that put me on a road to deep self-analysis. Being introduced to Reiki energy in the fall of that year answered some questions, but barely scratched the surface.

And so the journey continues, but from a new starting point, with a fresh perspective and a bagful of unanswered questions.

I hope that you find something here that resonates with you and that you care to share your thoughts with me.  I promise to keep things as light as I can with a sp…